Kids Summer Camp Jupiter, FL – Whether its searching for hermit crabs or finding fish while snorkeling, Dive In Snorkeling camp gives kids a chance to discover new things and have fun, while learning simultaneously.

Ongoing for 10 years, Terry Kimball’s camp is located all around Jupiter, from Du Bois park to Jupiter beaches to the Intracoastal waterway. Kimball has kept the camp at the Intracoastal now for four years, noting he looks at the natural flow of the Jupiter Inlet when choosing a spot for the camp.

The area offers water that flows clear all the way up to Martin County. The campers do head across the street to the beach sometimes, but the water is usually too rough for snorkeling in the ocean, Kimball said recently.

terry-smKimball was born and reared in Jupiter and has seen a lot of changes. There aren’t many places with natural species, and I knew children would enjoy seeing this, he said.

They’re inside all the time, this gives the kids a break from the TV and computer, Kimball said, emphasizing the importance for children to get outdoors.

The camp has from 30 to 35 campers each week between the ages of 5 and 12. Kimball tries to focus on the younger groups more because other water camps, like surfing, are geared toward older kids. This camp lets young kids enjoy water activities, too, he said.

There are eight instructors and four junior instructors to help campers make the most of their time with Dive In.

All of the kids get really excited, Counselor Keneil Shah said. Kimball makes sure each group of kids has at least one instructor with them.

With a wide variety of activities, its easy for the kids to break off into groups to enjoy their favorite interest.

The camp offers snorkeling, fishing, cast netting, blue crab trapping, and a little hiking. Daily rates are $45 for 9-1 and $65 for 9-3.